What is the Holiday Gift Card Program & Who Are the recipients

A program that provides PROP recipients with a special $30 gift card in December for each child and senior in the family.

PROP clients who meet the requirements are eligible to participate in the program: Live in Eden Prairie or Chanhassen, are an active and regular user of PROP’s food shelf or market between January 1, 2019 – November 29, 2019, and have children 0-18 living in the home and/or be a senior citizen aged 59+ or older

Why Gift Cards not gifts?

It’s all about CHOICE.

  • We surveyed our clients and they all agreed that getting a gift card is the perfect, well, gift!
    • Many want to go out and purchase the surprise present their children were hoping for,
    • Others want to use it for their special holiday dinner,
    • Several seniors just want to have a little extra money to spend on their family during this wonderful, yet stressful time of year.
  • The choice is now theirs….a freedom they relish; a chance for them be the giver of the gift, not just the recipient. One client mentioned, “You help me be the hero in my son’s life since I get to go shopping for him!”

How can I sponsor a child or senior?

Here are TWO ways you can sponsor a child or senior:

  1. Go online to sponsor a child or senior.
  2. Buy in Store and Deliver as a Bundle
    • Determine number of kids/seniors you’d like to sponsor (let PROP know)
    • Have sponsors go to their local Target store and purchase a gift card worth $30 (please stress the importance of giving the exact amount to keep it equitable for all)
    • Have participants deliver gift cards back to your central hub and then set a delivery date with PROP for the entire bundle of cards.

Deadline for delivery of gift cards to PROP is Friday, November 29, 2019.

Questions? Contact Mary Brown, Director of Development (maryb@propfood.org or 952-746-1890)

 Thank you for investing in families and seniors by providing them with choice this holiday season. Your consideration of this program and the needs of PROP families and seniors is exactly the spirit of giving that makes us so grateful to have your support.

IN HONOR CARDS NOW AVAILABLE!! Want your gift to be in honor of someone? Print one of our free designs, fill out the details, and let someone know you were thinking of them while helping others this holiday season.