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Summer Food For Kids

Why do we have our Summer Food for kids program?

During the summer, when children do not receive free/reduced lunch at school, we provide additional food to their families. Families often have difficulty securing enough food in the summer months. This summer the program fed more than 800 school age kids healthy and nutritious food, including kid-friendly staples like mac & cheese, peanut butter, sliced deli meat, yogurt, cheese sticks and granola bars.

How does the program work?

During the months of June, July, and August, families with school-aged children who access the food shelf (current and new clients) will be offered an additional “child pack” consisting of a two-week supply of kid/teen-friendly groceries. New families can choose to participate in the “child pack” program only, or to access additional food shelf programs and services, such as a monthly food order of groceries that feeds a family for a week.

How can you/your community or business partner with PROP as a summer food for kids sponsor?

The Goal: Our donation “wish list” is based on an estimate of serving 1000 unduplicated children during the summer months (40% of the total number of school aged children receiving free or reduced lunch in Eden Prairie and 10% in Chanhassen). We are looking for sponsors to cover specific non-perishable food supplies or donate cash for perishable foods that we need to keep fresh and stocked for the program.

To learn more, contact Mary Brown at 952-937-9120

I am not hungry anymore – Talia

This is a story about Talia, she’s a first grader from a local Eden Prairie school. She was having a hard time focusing in class and didn’t seem to have the energy to play with her friends while outside for recess. Her teacher was concerned, so she asked the social worker with the school to spend some time with her and find out what might be happening. What the social worker found out was that Talia was hungry. Very hungry. After getting Talia some food from the cafeteria, the school contacted the family to connect them with organizations that could help. The family wasn’t aware of a local food shelf in their community, so when they called PROP they weren’t sure what to expect. Within the week, the family had met with a Case Manager for PROP, had their needs assessed, and they immediately got help with food assistance (including monthly grocery orders and weekly visits to the fresh pantry). Today, Talia is an active young girl who loves school, playing on the playground and having fun with friends. With PROP helping her family, she doesn’t worry about not having enough to eat.

A dream come true – Casey

Many of PROP’s clients can’t afford to send their kids to summer camps. With a little help from PROP some dreams do come true. Here is one.

Casey, a 10-year old girl who always loved collecting toy ponies, was able to attend a five-day horseback riding camp in summer of 2014. She was thrilled to ride a real horse and even got to pick a horse of her favorite color.  Thanks to PROP.




Help much needed – Maria

Maria, a single mom with two children came to PROP in pain, from an infected tooth. Her dentist would not help unless she paid in advance, and the tooth couldn’t be pulled or it would have created bigger problems later. Her choice was to pay the rent or take away the pain. She chose rent and went to PROP. PROP found a dentist for her and provided funds for the first payment. A payment plan was worked out and the kind dentist even gave a discount. With Youth scholarships from PROP, both her boys were able to participate in sports activities with children of their own age. PROP also referred her to English as a Second Language(ESL) classes, which she is attending now. She continues to use PROP Food Shelf, and Summer Food For Kids. She is working and her family is stabilized.



Leyla*, a vulnerable adult client, used PROP’s food shelf and occasionally got help with utilities and scholarship services. During a recent meeting with her, PROP’s Case Manager was concerned about her and after assessment found that she was dealing with increasingly debilitating mental health challenges. She was hesitant about approaching the county for help as she fought to keep her independence. PROP was able to build a plan with Carver County Social Services and Love Inc. to get Leyla access to the mental health and wrap around resources she needed. In meantime, Leyla continued to use the food shelf at PROP, but all other care was provided at the county level.


No shame in asking for help – Carlo

Carlo an Eden Prairie resident was between jobs and needed help getting back on track. He first met with PROP’s employment counselor to get some help with finding new employment (resume, networking, interviewing skills, etc.). Like all new PROP clients, Carlo met with a Case Manager for a comprehensive analysis of his situation, to fully understand his needs and challenges. During this interview it was clear that he was not eating regularly, either. He was very hesitant to mention this. He was ashamed to ask for this help. Our Case Manager compassionately helped him realize that many people need temporary help when they are going through a change or crisis and getting food assistance is nothing to be ashamed of – that’s why PROP is here. He now continues his job search, with improved skills and a full stomach.


Mary and John

An Eden Prairie school social worker learned from a child she was working with that there wasn’t  any food at home. Mary and John were trying to get by, thinking that they have to make it on their own. Fortunately, the social worker reached out to the family and encouraged them to call PROP. They did, their needs were assessed, and they immediately got help with food assistance, including monthly grocery orders and weekly visits to the pantry for fresh produce and bread. PROP also referred the family to additional services in the neighborhood, so they could benefit from them, as well. They are now in a much more stable space- no more food insecurity.


An old age Oasis for Myrtle

Myrtle, an Eden Prairie senior citizen, lived in a nice apartment building, which provided her with access to social services that she needs as she ages. However, her disabilities kept her from being able to go grocery shopping, so she had no way to get food on a regular basis. In addition, because of a fixed income, she could not afford enough food to keep her healthy. Imagine Myrtle’s delight when PROP began monthly food delivery to her building! Now she not only had food in her cupboards, but gets fresh produce, canned goods, lots of yummy breads and even some desserts! She is now in a much more secure, less vulnerable position, with dependable source of food. Thank you PROP!



Tyler* is an industrious, bright young man, who just being out of his teenage years found himself in the position of being the only person in his household working. This caused quite a lot of tension between himself and his mom. Tyler realized that if he was going to be able to fulfill his dreams of going back to school and making a better life for himself, he needed to find a place of his own.

After he spent months couch hopping, exhausting the kindness of his friends, Tyler found himself completely homeless and without the required money needed to get his own apartment. Going back to his family home wasn’t an option, so Tyler reached out to a concerned relative for help. Lucky for him, his relative knew that PROP had the services, resources and case management team that could help him.
After discussing Tyler’s need, the PROP team jumped into action – first getting Tyler a pre-made cinch bag full of supplies (water bottle, Cub grocery card, fast pass for the bus, snacks, and resource materials); then finding a bed for him to stay in for the night; and finally getting him set up to be able to use the food shelf.
Once his basic needs were met, he could focus on working and saving money for a place of his own.  One month later, that became a reality.
Tyler called to say he was homeless no more – he had found his very own apartment thanks to the help and support of PROP.

Meet Carol

Meet Carol* – a successful, college educated, mom of three young kids.  She worked full-time overseeing a large and growing staff and her husband worked nights so he could be available to watch the kids during the day.  Each day was exhausting and stressful.  For Carol, she thought that “managing it – stress and all”, was just the price you had to pay to live the American Dream.

But the stress did take its toll.  Not only was she the major bread winner and primary caregiver for her young children, but a change in management at her company strained her further.  Her daily duties now revolved around employee conflict resolution.  In short, now her days left her emotionally and physically spent – her tank had run dry.  Then one day, she just broke down.  It was like something just snapped and she felt overwhelmed and anxious….in her words, she felt frozen.

Carol went on administrative leave and sought the help of a therapist.  The diagnosis surprised Carol, it was determined that she was suffering from a form of mental illness.  All of a sudden, she went from being able-bodied to disable-bodied in one fell swoop.   Her life continued to spiral downward:  she lost her job, she depleted her retirement assets while trying to maintain a normal life while unemployed; and while she continued seeing a therapist she often found herself feeling out-of-control, depressed, angry and overwhelmed.  After an emotionally draining night bickering with her family, she realized if she couldn’t take care of herself – financially, physically, mentally or emotionally – how could she take care of her family?

Feeling alone, isolated and without much support, Carol turned to PROP looking for “a hand up, not a hand out.” She found that and then some.  PROP offered her family healthy and nutritious foods, energy assistance and financial mentoring.  For her kids, they received back to school supplies, holiday gifts and youth scholarships.  PROP also provided additional resource connections that Carol needed to be able to provide a stable life for her family.

Today, with PROP’s  help, Carol is coping well with her illness and her family life has stabilized.

“PROP is making a difference on a daily basis in the lives of those people in our community most in need of support and assistance.  I’m still concerned and fearful of the future, but I leave PROP each day hopeful and happy.”