Donation Drive

Help families in need in your community

During times of crisis, people often struggle with putting food on the table, paying rent and utilities, and covering transportation costs. By holding a donation drive, you are making a huge difference in the lives of your neighbors and in the Eden Prairie and Chanhassen communities.

Here are the lists of the items needed the most:

Food donation guidelines

Expiration dates and damaged food

All donated food must not be marked past the expiration date. Foods that have been opened or damaged to the point of questionable quality are not accepted.

Repackaging food

Because we do not have a specific license for processing food, we cannot repackage any food. For example, we cannot divide a 25 lb. bag of rice into 1 lb. bags. If we receives food in bulk, it will attempt to give it to another nonprofit organization that is licensed to repackage the product, except food from Second Harvest or one of its corporate partners.

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Contact Cindy McPherson, Volunteer and Services Support Manager, at or 952-294-8378.

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Partner with Us

Partnering can be a wonderful way to give back to the Chanhassen and Eden Prairie communities. Find out the different ways that businesses, faith-based communities and other organizations are partnering with us.

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