Donation Drive Kit

Help families in need in your community

During times of crisis, people often struggle with putting food on the table, paying rent and utilities, and covering transportation costs. By holding a donation drive, you are making a huge difference in the lives of your neighbors and in the Eden Prairie and Chanhassen communities. Thank you.

  • $10 provides a gas card to an unemployed client to attend a job interview
  • $50 pays for meals for a family of four to eat for a week or allows a low-income child to take part in a positive enrichment activity
  • $100 purchases vital medication for an unemployed worker or assists four children in getting school supplies
  • $150 helps a family get their power reconnected
  • $500 pays the security deposit for a family to regain stable housing
  • $1,000 prevents a family from being evicted or having to foreclose on their home

Tips for a successful donation drive

  • Find a leader to champion and promote the donation drive.
  • Emphasize that all financial donations to PROP are tax-deductible.
  • Send emails or post frequent updates to your intranet, website, or social media outlets with updates on the donation drive’s progress.
  • Encourage folks to donate online — it’s fast, efficient, and paperless.

Event themes

Motivate your group to reach your donation drive goals. Consider one of the following themes.

Canned Food Sculpture Contest – Teams build sculptures out of their donated food. Have you ever seen a car made of soup cans? This might be your chance. Take a picture and include it in your newsletter and on your social media sites.

Jeans or Hat Day – Anyone donating a certain amount of food or funds gets a PROP sticker.  The PROP sticker indicates that the person is permitted to wear jeans or a hat for the day. Suggested donations: One sticker for $5 or 5 stickers for $20.

Inter-office, Building, or Neighborhood Competition – Hold a contest between working groups, neighbors, or other offices in the building to collect food and funds. The largest donation amount wins everyone bragging rights.

Order-in or have your kitchen create daily or weekly specials that can be sold to your employees. Examples: pizza, taco bar, baked potato bar, etc. Donate the proceeds.

Grocery Bag Distribution – Deliver a grocery bag with our most-needed foods list. Ask folks to return their filled grocery bag to a specific location. Consider individual awards or make it an team-wide competition for returning filled bags.

Company Picnic or Hot Dog Stand – Departments bring potluck side dishes and the company provides the hot dogs and buns. Ask for financial and food donations at the door.

Bake Sale, Bake-0ff or Chili Cook-off – Showcase your group’s cooking skills.  Host a baking event or chili cook-off with an entry fee. Half of the proceeds go to the winner, the other half is donated.

Ice Cream/Popcorn/Root Beer Float Social – A donation at the door lets people help themselves to an ice cream or popcorn or a root beer float or whatever treat you feel will encourage participation.

Hold a raffle – Anyone who donates gets a ticket. Winner is awarded lunch with the boss, a few free hours of PTO, or the chance to come to work one hour later for one week.

Food donation guidelines

Expiration dates and damaged food

All donated food must not be marked past the expiration date. Foods that have been opened or damaged to the point of questionable quality are not accepted.

Repackaging food

Because we do not have a specific license for processing food, we cannot repackage any food. For example, we cannot divide a 25 lb. bag of rice into 1 lb. bags. If we receives food in bulk, it will attempt to give it to another nonprofit organization that is licensed to repackage the product, except food from Second Harvest or one of its corporate partners.


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