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Recycle, Reprocess and Resource Conservation

PROP receives over 60,000 pounds of bread each year!  This means, that PROP clients get to choose from a wonderful variety of wholesome breads – everything from whole wheat sliced bread to french bread baguettes to buns, rolls, and bagels.  It is one of the things PROP clients most look forward to choosing!

However, at the end of each week there is a small amount of bread that is no longer consumable.  Instead of throwing bread away and adding to the landfill, PROP’s executive director looked for a solution.  Enter ReConserve, the nation’s leading recycler of bakery and cereal grain by-products.  Each week, ReConserve takes our expired bread and bakery items and turns them into high-energy, dried components for poultry and swine feed, all right in our home state!

“Finally, a long-term, environmentally friendly solution that completes the cycle from farm to someone’s table back to farm again,” says Janet Palmer, Executive Director for PROP.

PROP’s ReConserve efforts save more than 16,000 pounds of bread a year from landfills. As we like to say, the bread makes a full circle – from the farm to the store to our trucks to our clients and back to the farm!




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