Every Community Deserves Good Health

Imagine not having enough food to feed your kids or even yourself? For thousands of people right here in our community, that is their reality.  Making sure people get enough food to eat has been a fundamental mission of PROP Food Shelf for over 45 years.

The PROP “Good Food” Movement is now underway – from our own community garden to delivering nutritious foods to kids during the summer to making sure that home bound seniors get the healthy food they deserve, dig in to a few cool projects we are working on right now!


Fresh produce is the number one item for the 250 families that visit PROP’s food pantry each week and even with the generous donations from community partners and individual gardeners we currently receive, there are never enough fruits and veggies to meet all the needs of clients. The solution – to build our own garden and bring the produce straight from our garden to the tables of our neighbors.

After all, Healthy Food = Healthy People = Healthy Communities.

In 16 raised beds, the PROP Garden will grow fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, green beans, spinach, sweet potatoes and strawberries that will go straight to the tables of our clients this summer.

The PROP Garden will provide an opportunity for volunteer groups to work together caring for the garden and harvesting the freshest of produce for our clients.

We need you to help us transform this green space into a blossoming garden with fresh produce to share with our neighbors!

DONATE NOW. Help PROP garden come alive. 


Summer Food For Kids:

Healthy Future Begins with Healthy Children 

During the summer months, when kids are out of school and lose access to free/reduced lunch at school, families who are already struggling, have to stretch their grocery dollars even further. That amounts to a lot of kids potentially going hungry each day.

PROP’s Summer Food For Kids Program provides additional kid friendly nutritious food to kids. All summer long. ICONS – Cheese Slices. Peanut Butter. Yogurt. Granola Bars. Apples. Baby Carrots.

PROP Summer Food for Kids $9,000 Matching Gift Program. A generous donor has offered to match donations to help feed kids this summer – up to $9,000. We need you to help over 800 K-12 students, right here in our very own backyard, have the extra nutrition they need for their physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

Donate Now  to double the impact of your dollars.

 Like to help with Food Donations? Check out our Donation Wish List.


Senior Mobile Home Food Delivery Service

Everyone Deserves Fresh Food….Now, delivered straight to their door!

Did you know that, according to Second Harvest Heartland, 1 in 7 Minnesota seniors struggle with issues related to hunger? In 2016, PROP served 220 senior citizens, a 15% increase over the year before, which accounts for nearly 7% of our clientele. These numbers are expected to grow as baby boomers continue to age. In fact, seniors are the fastest growing population in the U.S.

Why is the number of seniors who need assistance growing? 

Seniors often have fixed incomes, which make budgeting for basic necessities a challenge. With the rising costs of healthcare coupled with the physical and mental health challenges that many seniors face, many are struggling to get the help they need, even going to PROP to collect groceries.

PROP’s new mobile service helps meet the needs of seniors

To help meet this growing need, and to combat the added obstacle of immobility, PROP has launched its Senior Mobile Food Delivery program. The program is a choice based model that offers seniors healthy food items such as fresh and frozen produce, milk and dairy items, eggs, and loaves of fresh bread. Each month, seniors choose their food items and a PROP volunteer lovingly packs the bag and gets it hand delivered straight to their door!

Help PROP reach more seniors

Currently, 30 households are participating in this service since it was launched in March. But as the population ages, more and more seniors will need PROP’s Senior Mobile Food Delivery program.

Help us meet this need by donating today.


Food For Thought

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio: We Can End Hunger In This Country.

Everyone Deserves Access To Healthy Affordable Food

We Can End Hunger In This Country


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