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“Becoming a Sustained Giver to PROP Food just made sense to me. This organization feels so sincere to me in its goal to find and support those in our community who need help in addressing daily needs such as food and other basic services. Many of us take these basics for granted and are surprised that there are those among us who cannot, through a myriad of circumstances, count on taking care of themselves or their families in a secure manner. I believe if PROP Food has a steady, sustained income, it will allow them to ensure their current initiatives can continue as well as to dream about future strategies to fill the gaps in our community and assist clients in becoming self-sufficient. This organization has the energy and the heart to make a huge difference in people’s lives.” – Peg Hoff

Why join?

1. Provide year round support for a year round need!  Monthly Givers play a critical part in providing an ongoing base of funding PROP can rely on; which in turn, ensures that the individuals we serve can rely on PROP for food and financial assistance.

2. It’s Easy! Sign up, donate, and we handle the rest.

3. Invest in an organization that brings value to individuals and the community in which you live and work.

Becoming sustained giver is easy!

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